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PGH Takes Italian: Alla Famiglia

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

This year for my birthday, we took a hike up the slopes for an amazing Italian dinner at Alla Famiglia. This is a really cool old-fashioned Italian joint that is rumored to have the best sauce around so I couldn’t wait to try it! It’s a little pricey for my college budget but it is great for a special occasion or holiday.

The dinner style of this place comes in multiple courses which is fancy-schmancy and really great for a special occasion. Once you select your entrée, the first course of their house salad comes out family style to share with the table. This was one of the best house salads I have had in a while! It was delicious and gourmet with candied nuts and plenty of gorgonzola.

The next course is pasta with their pink vodka sauce. This is the sauce that everyone raves about so it’s nice that you can try it even if you don’t want it for your entire entrée. They are definitely not skimpy with their portions for the first two courses. The pasta was great and the sauce definitely lived up to my expectations.

The third course is the entrée and veal seemed to be their forte so I ordered it parmesan style. The veal was great and their marinara sauce was even better than the pink sauce in my opinion. Again, this portion was huge and I had plenty to take home for leftovers!

They have a full wine list and a sommelier in-house to help with your selection. We decided to bring our own bottle, but be warned there is a steep fee of $20 to uncork a bring it yourself bottle.

All in all, this local spot hidden in the south side slopes is a great choice for an Italian meal! Check it out and let me know what you think!


Pittsburgh, PA, USA