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Rhinegeist Launches in Pittsburgh

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

This past week, the Cincy brewery Rhinegeist, took a trip to Pittsburgh to launch their brews all around town.

My first encounter with these guys was at the 2017 Beerfest here in Pittsburgh. My crew was probably their booths most frequent customers because they make this rosé cider called Bubbles that is seriously the best cider we have ever tasted. I obviously was excited when I heard they were coming back here to Pittsburgh to host some launch events!

I was able to get to two of the events they had during the week at Industry Public House in Lawrenceville, and Il Tetto in the Cultural District.

Our first stop was Industry Public House and since they didn’t have Bubbles on tap, I was able to try a couple of their other brews! My favorites (other than the rosé cider of course) were their blonde ale, and their Mosaic.

On Friday, my friends and I went to their launch downtown at Il Tetto. Nothing goes quite as nicely together as a sunny Friday afternoon on a rooftop bar with Rhinegeist's rosé cider in hand.

I got to meet a couple of the Rhinegeist guys along the way and learned that there are a lot of exciting things coming in the future for this brewery. They are hoping to do more in Pittsburgh so follow them on Instagram so you can be in the know! Soon they will be selling six packs in Giant Eagle which speaks to every yinzers heart. Thanks for a great week with some great beer Rhinegeist!



Pittsburgh, PA, USA