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PGH Food Truck Spotlight

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Since Pittsburgh is on that new new in the foodie industry, it seems only natural that a new fad is on the rise (or has been for some time now). Food trucks: we know them, we love them, we only see them from time to time at a carnival/festival. Not anymore my friends!!! Food trucks are out and about in Pittsburgh every single day operating like full-on restaurants. Theres no special occasion here just good ol’ cookin for yinz.

I recently tried two new(ish) food trucks on the scene here in Pittsburgh that I recommend you try ASAP.

First up: Blue Sparrow.

This food truck travels all around from Lawrenceville, Bakery Square, Oakland, and basically anywhere they can park for a while and cook some food! The cool thing about this food truck is that it features global street food so they have a little bit of everything. This menu forces you to step away from burgers and fries and try something new and exciting.

I tried the grilled kim cheese- monster style:

This sandwich on their homemade sour dough bread includes pickled kimchi and lots of melted cheese. Monster style adds pulled pork and a “dippy” egg on top. The egg is a much appreciated Pittsburgh addition that you can add onto almost anything on the menu.

I met the owner Luke, and he’s just about as down to earth as they get and loves creating new and exciting dishes to add to the menu. Thanks for the food Luke and I can’t wait to try more!


And for your sweet tooth, check out Stickler's!

This desert food truck is health conscious and delicious. Stickler's sells homemade ice pops! They have all different kinds of flavor options and combinations and it is the perfect snack for a hot summer day. The cool thing about this food truck is that its reasonably priced. One ice pop is only $3 , so you can indulge without breaking the bank or your diet.

These ice pops are dairy, gluten, and additive free. All natural and very delicious.

Keep a look out for these food trucks and the many others popping up all around Pittsburgh! Let me know in the comments what your favorite food truck is!

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