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Farm fresh food is easier to find in the Steel City than you might think. Whether you travel to a local farm or stop by a farmer’s market, you’re never too far from farm fresh meat, cheese, and produce. Local farms surround the entire Pittsburgh area. Whatever direction you’re driving, you’ll find a way to shop farm fresh. Here’s a breakdown of some local farms below by location.


Just drive a couple of miles north on 79, and you’ll run straight into three local farms in Wexford, PA. Kaelins, Soergels, and Shenots all have unique attributes and farm fresh findings. Luckily, these farms are within minutes from each other so if you make the trip, you can visit all three.


Heading south from town? Stop by Triple B Farms to grab some fresh Amish butter and homegrown produce. If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, Simmons Farm south of Pittsburgh allows you to get your hands dirty and pick your own strawberries and flowers.


The sweetest farm just west of Pittsburgh has farm fresh honey for pick-up or delivery. Once you try Bedillion honey, you’ll have a hard time going back to that generic brand from the grocery store.

Sustainable farms are an essential part of Pittsburgh’s local farming culture. Read about Weatherbury Farm Farm’s process to keep their farm sustainable, and environmentally friendly.


Craving some farm fresh meat? Go East — you’ll find the Pittsburgher Highland Farm packed with a selection of local, grass-fed, and organic meat. And if you’re looking for the lamb experts, Jamison Farm has you covered.

Farmer’s Markets & Local Shops

If you can’t seem to find time to get out of town, don’t miss these opportunities to stock up on farm fresh foods. Farmer’s markets like this one in Market Square are scattered all around Pittsburgh in the summer months. On any given day, you can find farmers markets popping up with local vendors. Additionally, check for farm fresh foods in local shops and co-ops. This co-op in the East End features foods from local Pittsburgh farms.

Farm Fresh Delivery Service

Still not convinced? Check out this Pittsburgh local farm fresh delivery service. At Isidore Foods, you can have local farm fresh food delivered to your door all year round. It doesn’t get easier than that to buy farm fresh and local here in the Steel City.

Whether you’re a city dweller or not, buying farm fresh and local foods is a viable option. Enjoy shopping fresh and local this summer in Pittsburgh.

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