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Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Read about my latest trip to NYC including what I ate, where I stayed, and everything in between.


I am going to start with the most important subject: NY food. It is funny because for this trip, we really didn't have much planned for the weekend. Usually, weeks before we would even leave for NYC, we would have tickets to a show, reservations, tours scheduled. Not this time. This time our only real plans were to eat LOL. Here are the restaurants we visited:

Breakfast day 1:

Westway Cafe: This decision went kind of like "it's 7:00 am, we just spent 8 hours on a crammed hot bus and we need coffee STAT". The coffee was neither here nor there but this was a cool spot to grab a quick breakfast for a reasonable price right in Times Square. Since this was a Friday morning in town, there looked to be quite a few regulars grabbing a quick bite before they headed to the office. I loved this feeling because, aside from us, there wasn't a huge swarm of tourists with there cameras out.

Latte break:

Macchiato Espresso Bar was a cool spot to grab a latte. I loved the aesthetic of this shop. Although it is hard to stand out amongst hundreds of coffee shops in NYC, this place got points for its simplicity and chic interior designs. Oh, and the lattes were great too.

Lunch day 1:

Lan Larb: Right near the NYU Medical Center, this small and pristine Thai restaurant is the perfect spot for lunch. I almost thought I was back in Pittsburgh when I saw the prices on the menu. A reasonably priced lunch special?!? Yes! They actually do exist in NYC. I ordered the pad thai with a side of their spring rolls and it was amazing. The best part about this place was again, the bang for your buck. This was a large lunch portion and great food all for a reasonable price.

Dinner day 1:

One if by Land, Two if by Sea: So this dinner was actually the only reservation we had all weekend! This trip was actually a little getaway for Dom and I to celebrate a belated Valentine's Day and my birthday. We did a lot of research and with the help of a recommendation from an OG-Foodie New Yorker, we chose this restaurant for our big celebration. This restaurant is recognized as the most romantic restaurant in New York City. It is super fancy but a beautiful place to celebrate a special occasion.

Dom and I both agree that the food and the ambiance make this restaurant the highlight of our trip. If you look on Yelp, you'll find a lot of One if by Land haters which worried me at first, but after visiting myself I can confidently say I recommend it! The food was outstanding, and I loved the romantic interior.

Breakfast day 2:

Old Rose: I was really excited about this spot. Little back story: When Dom and I travel, we try to stay at B&B's or boutique hotels when possible. So when we were planning this trip, I came across this beautiful boutique hotel in Chelsea called The Jane. This hotel looked SO COOL and had such a neat history and Dom and I were sold. Well after a little more planning, we actually decided against staying there after reading multiple review sites. But the good news was that after all the research I did for this hotel, I came across the new(ish) restaurant attached to The Jane. I was so excited to have breakfast here because then I had a reason to visit The Jane even though we didn't end up staying there.

OK get on to the food already, Liv. The breakfast here was petite but SO GOOD. They also have a coffee bar and fun breakfast cocktails for a boozy brunch if you're into that ;). Of course, the beautiful interior made me want to set up shop and live here but instead, I just took a million photos. If you visit, get the waffle and their grilled sourdough. Yes, yes I know, super healthy and nutritious, but you will not regret!

Juice break:

The Butcher's Daughter: We lucked out on Saturday when we were exploring Chelsea and the West Village with beautiful weather. We stopped by The Butcher's Daughter before the lunch rush to grab some tea and juice. They have adorable outdoor seating that is perfect for people watching which is admitably one of my favorite things to do in NYC. Their juice portions are huge which is nice because they aren't cheap. I tried the water flower and Dom had the hangover cure.

Lunch day 2:

Joe's Pizza: OK this pizza is the best NY style pizza I have ever had. By this time, we were craving something greasy and fast for lunch and we didn't want to spend the time sitting down at a restaurant. We stumbled upon Joe's and I remembered that multiple people I spoke with previous to our trip recommended this place for the best slice in NY. Seriously Joe's did not disappoint. We even went back for more because one slice as big as your head just wasn't enough.

Dinner day 2:

Le Zie Trattoria: For our final stop on this food tour, we checked out a quaint little Italian restaurant in, you guessed it, Chelsea. They have homemade pasta and a great selection of starters. I had their homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach and Dom had their linguini and clam sauce. We are suckers for old-fashioned Italian spots where you can get a bottle of wine, have some bread and enjoy your night.


As you can see, we spent the majority of our trip in Chelsea and the West Village. It was so fun to see a borough of NYC that wasn't cluttered with so many tourists and bright flashy lights. Times Square has its charm but Chelsea is hands down my favorite place to explore.

Shopping and exploring

I didn't know this before this past weekend, but this Chelsea is actually the spot in NYC to shop consignment. Anyone who knows me knows I am a consignment store lover. I actually take pride in the fact that over 3/4 of my closet was bought at a second-hand store.

There is also an entrance to the High Line and the Chelsea Market which are fun places to walk around, eat, and explore. AND for all of my Friends lovers out there, Chelsea is home to THE Friends apartment! Yes, this is the apartment that you see in almost every episode. Are you fan-girling? Because I am.


For entertainment this trip, we checked out a show at Gotham Comedy Club. We love comedy shows and its a great cheap alternative to seeing a show on Broadway if you're in NYC. We also scored our tickets the day-of and they were still crazy cheap for a night out on the town.


We decided to stay in Times Square again for this trip because well, we are creatures of habit. Although we don't love the hustle and bustle of being in the center of Times Square, we know how to get around and hello THE VIEWS. Next time we will stay closer to Chelsea and the West Village since all of our favorite restaurants and shops are down that way.


I have to be honest here, we went with the Megabus, not because of the adventure and scenery, but because we didn't want to shell out hundreds of dollars for flights for a weekend trip. Although our rides to and from were smooth with the only complications being no wifi, I don't recommend the bus trip. Trying to sleep on an overnight bus only to have 10+ miles of walking around NYC ahead of you was not so fun.

To those who stuck around till the end, THANK YOU FOR READING! What are your favorite things to do/ eat when you go to NYC? Let me know!

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